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Naria And The Fly ...Waiting For Lunch

Naria is the link between the supposedly opposing elements earth and air in this surreal story.
Her journey begins in the anonymity of a hectic and dirty big city.
Wandering disoriented, she is snatched away from the city and finds herself in wondrous scenarios. She has to find her way again and again in a jumble of memories and subconscious perceptions of her previous life. She is accompanied by a fly, an image of herself.

The girl is the only constant in a story that constantly changes its perspective, suddenly falling silent in the middle of an imagined sentence, only to seemingly start all over again at a completely new scene.
The central players embody their own stretching musical substance in the form of leitmotifs. As they become increasingly involved in the plot, these leitmotifs likewise undergo a transformation.

This is Naria

Naria is a concept band

She is the centre of the first concept-double-album Naria And The Fly …Waiting For Lunch, the only constant of a story changing permanently, hushing abruptly in middle of the sentence just to start up apparently at completely new scene. Naria is the central theme.
All protagonists represent their own elastic musical leitmotivs developing with the story. The story becomes music and the music becomes story.

The concept

Earth, Air, Water, Fire of the double-album Naria And The Fly …Waiting For Lunch embodies the first episode of a trilogy and contains the elements Earth and Air, based on an old ancient theory that says everything (aether) is made out of these for elements.

Naria starts her journey in the anonymity of a bustling big dirty city. Even before Naria realizes where she is, flashbacks are pulling her into curious scenes. She crosses her life somewhere in between her memories.

Upcoming albums

Lyra-La has been recorded over the last years and will be soon released. This album will focus on the element water.
We have already started the recordings on the very last album. Stay tuned for upcoming news.

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Recording of Lyra-La, Funkhaus Berlin 2013

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